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Content Marketing Strategy for 2020

Content creation is the way of the future for online business. You can say that there will be nothing better than creating high-quality content for promoting your product and services in 2020.  

Because of technology, our world has turned into a global village when it comes to effortlessly connect people around the world. With time, the term “Digital Marketing” is constantly changing and becoming broader. 

The competition for content is fierce now and the only way to remain in this competition is a way you will need to stand out. So, it is very important to have a strategy this year. 

Let’s begin this blog which will help you in creating a content strategy for 2020. 

1. Quality is the priority: Always remember that quality is what matters the most so quality over quantity. We live in a world of transparency where the customer wants authenticity. According to Forbes, when it comes to internet marketing, quality trumps quantity and it is the only way to make your brand more personal in the long run. 

Good and successful content is very important to maintain consistency and quality, you can say these are the pillars of the content market. You can easily make your customers overwhelm by posting too much qualitative content. 

In 2020 quality over quantity content strategy will work and it is important as well to share new content constantly but a well-done content.

2. Date-Driven Content: For this strategy, all you need to do is follow the data. It is very important to figure out what the current trend is and use data to see what works and what doesn’t.

The question arises is what you can do with the data? With the data, you can execute a big idea in a creative and effective way as it helps in creating more personalized content which is very important as it is a customer-oriented market today. 

What you can do is; data + technology + creative storytelling which will form a powerful engine that can take your brand into the territory of creativity, relevance, and personalization. The recommendation for adopting this strategy is to review your analytics every 4-6 weeks and create the content which engages your customer the most.  


3. Personal Content: Personalization is the key to making your customers happy and taking more interest in your brand. Because in this modern era, every consumer is looking for more than your standard content experience.

In today’s time, your consumer doesn’t want that same content that you are sending to others as well. Rather they want to receive the content which is tailored according to their interest and needs regarding the brand. 

The objective behind this personalized content is to deliver what exactly your customer is looking for which is important as it encourages the consumers to take further steps. 


4. Utilization of content: With the quality content creation, sharing and optimizing it, is also a very important part because you can create the best content in the world but it will be of no use if you can’t utilize it properly. 

It comes to the social media platform there are tons of options for you and creating different content for each platform can really make your customer overwhelm. 

Your content bang for your every single buck. Now the drill is to share your content on every social media platform but introduces it in a different manner so that your target audience doesn’t get the same content twice. 


5. Visuals: For the best utilization of content strategy it is important to create and share interesting graphics which will ultimately result in attracting more customers for your products and services. 

The visual medium is one of the most appealing parts of creating content on social media platforms. 

The most popular social media platforms where youths hang out the most are Instagram, Snapchat, and Youtube which means visual social media will reign supreme in the upcoming time like a visual content strategy will be going to rock in 2020. But always make sure in the competitive era where your audience will encounter endless feeds of social media, your posts stand out of the crowd. 

6. Video: It is the way of content creation in the future and that one content strategy will be going to appeal to most of your audience in 2020. Yes, 2020 seems like, going to be the video content year. 

Section of content creation has a very wider scope, you can go away too much creative and can make your content look interesting and appealing. 

Video creation is one thing that can make your customers engaged for longer than any other type of content. And this is the fact that customers love receiving video content from their favorite brands. 

Not only this, but live-stream audiences are growing as well, according to a survey, people prefer to watch a live-stream video than reading a blog post. 


7. User-Generated Content: This is one type of content that has been created and published by unpaid contributors. And these unpaid contributors are fans who are interested in promoting the brand than the brand promoting itself. UGC can be blog content, social media posts, testimonials, website pages, and graphics. 

8. Podcasting: The content market has been exploded with podcasts in recent years and they are also growing as time goes on. And a branded podcast can be a good idea to promote your brand in 2020.

The thing with the Podcast is, it won’t be effective if you are doing just the sake of it, you have to use this content strategy just like the others to make the most use out of it.  

And it is also important and better for your brand to focus on one thing or one topic, rather than covering a broader topic. A podcast is good when it comes to establishing credibility within the field of your expertise. 



Not every content strategy should be groundbreaking, in 2020 with the content, even the simplest change can lead to great success. 

These are the 8 content strategies that you can apply in 2020 and for going in detail pay attention to the strategies that have worked for your brand in 2019. 

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