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Trends in Digital Marketing 2020

With the rapid change in technology, it has become very important to stay up-to-date with the upcoming trends of digital marketing. The changes in the trends can be blatant or subtle, you need to be looking for them to notice what they are.  


For a company’s best interest, it is very important to determine what is trending as it gives the ability to think and focus on bigger issues. 

Today, in this blog you will encounter 10 upcoming trends in Digital Marketing 2020. So, let’s begin. 



1.New Social Platform: There will definitely be a rise of new social media platform or you can say 2020 will going to be more than likes and shares. 

The easy accessibility to cheaper smartphones and the internet consequently lead to the arrival of huge new social media apps in digital markets like TikTok, Snapchat, helo, Sharechat and there are some more apps in the pipeline. 



This year in 2020, you will be going to see a rise in such apps as with the data plans we have now, these apps are proved to be a hit. 

The main reason behind these driving growth of social apps is access to the entertainment they are offering like videos, live streaming, and whatnot. All these we have already seen in 2019 where all these apps were climbing the play store. 


2. Influencer Marketing: Social media influencers have now become a very expensive commodity. Gone are the days when people use to send them free sample with the hope that they will review, now there is pricing lists, package and payment tables. 


Lately, in 2019 we saw more of such micro-influencers and people with small - medium-sized businesses to go for such influencers with narrow niches and popular enough to influence their target audience. 


So, you can say in 2020, this trend of micro-influencers in digital marketing will rise with more options and strategies.


3. Vlogging: With the continuing success of YouTube, Instagram stories, IGTV, Snapchat, shooting vlogs are popular than ever.  

If you compare short films or explanatory videos with the vlogs then you can easily figure out that vlogs are more personal and direct. 


And the main reason behind this is vloggers speak directly to the audiences which are more practical and connecting. And in today’s competitive era, it is very important to have strong relationships with the customer. 

With Facebook and Instagram now you can live-stream an event like a musical event, dance show, places or anything that not everyone has access to. So, in 2020 it is very important to have interesting video content for accommodating future trends.


4. Interactive Social Media Ads: Well, interactive ads on Facebook and Instagram are something that can ensure better engagement with the posts which can eventually lead to the accomplishment of targeting audience, selling products or services and earning profit. 


In 2019, you must have seen the shop-able posts by some of the e-commerce brands or companies. But in 2020 you will be going to see many brands to sell their products from the shop-able post where all you have to do is click on the post and it will directly lead to the official website of the company. And you can directly buy from the social media platforms. 

These shop-able or you can say click-able posts are designed to help platforms to have interaction with the customers which reduces the chances of a customer leaving Facebook and Instagram to go to another website. 


5. Chat-bots or Direct Messaging: A chatbot is a software program that interacts with customers and site visitors. It is both real-time and natural-sounding, plus this strategy can save the cost of hiring someone to do all the communications with customers and site visitors. 

In 2020, a chat-bot service will definitely be going to be trendy in the digital markets and it has all the reasons to be. A chat-bot is personal, informative and unbiased and the biggest advantage is, it allows your customers to make faster decisions regarding their products and services. 


Now, the conversations by the brands are not limited to the comment section but to DMs also. Yes, as a means of assisting sales, direct messaging will be going to be one of the hottest digital marketing trends of 2020.

Whether it is about addressing complaints, taking sales orders or replying to inquiries, DMs are effective to have or maintain solid relationships with the customers. 


6. Personalization: When it comes to digital marketing, the competition can never sleep. Nowadays every brand lookout for fresh ideas and unique strategies for advertising. And for generating more leads it is very important to have content that is of high-quality.


2020 will going to be the year of personalization where the content should be even more focused, highly specialized and fully dedicated to the taste and preference of the customers. In a nutshell, it should be holistic, personally incomparable and multichannel. 


7. Voice Search: In 2020, there will be many leading companies that will adopt voice as a profitable technology to drive sales and revenue. This technology has already been evidenced in the huge investment with Alexa by Amazon and Goggle home and assistant by Goggle. 


For more efficient customer engagement, brands will see voice user interface as an innovative tool for driving purchases, payments, after-sales services and more. Basically, the main agenda is to make it easy for customers to place orders using voice commands. 




These 7 trends will definitely be going to show that in 2020 digital marketing has no sign to slow down. If anything, it will become even wider in order to provide better digital experience to users.  

These 7 trends which are predicted show a range of exciting opportunities to be used for scaling new heights and growth. 

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