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Digital marketing deciding the trend of the market

According to an article by a specialist writer Atul Manikram in a newspaper, During the time, there came new trends related to branding and marketing. These trends await new hopes in the coming days. The main thing is that its foundation has laid by Digital media, social media and influencer marketing (AR). The importance of increasing new trends in advertising markets and increasing effect on technology advertising have much importance. Nowadays, it is not enough to give advertisements in newspapers or on TV. The new trend is all about to place your advertisement on social media and digital media. Recent figures show that the print media market is growing at 8%, social media at 12% and digital media is growing by 24% per year. The market of digital media will grow rapidly in the coming years. The simple reason for these statistics is that the advertising agencies will try to influence the consumer where the consumer will mostly see them. Hence, it is proved that the most influencing industry in coming years will be digital media or digital marketing. In coming years, the focus of brands in advertisement world will be social media and digital media.

 The reach has increased tremendously

 There are almost around 12 to 15 crore people in India who use the internet. Within this, more than 3 crore people come online every day. The thing to think about is whether we have the right scale to measure the detail and in case of reach, can the digital media quickly adopt a bigger form.

Digital Media in Politics



The mathematics of lose-win are started doing by public relation agencies and digital companies. They teach the art of capture the pulse of public and public relation campaign to the politicians and workers. The companies of social media and digital media are helping politicians into politics. Maybe the trend is awkward for politics but as the counting of youngsters is growing in the country, the trend of politics need to change.

 The whole scenario has changed

The form of media market is changing rapidly. If we define digital on a wider scale and include the internet and mobile in it then the whole scene appears to be changed. It would be exactly something like happened in the 90s due to the television. The screen of mobile and computer has become tremendous media between communication and discussion.

The success of 'Roadies' is the proof 

There was a TV show based on youngsters on MTV had started before 10 years in the form of a reality show. But in 2008, keeping youngsters in mind MTV had decided to come on social media. Today, they have a huge fan following of 37 lakh fans on Facebook. It has seen by 20 lakh people on TV every week. Is’nt it interesting?



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